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I recently saw Disney’s Raya and the Last dragon, which featured an adorable dragon character called Sisu

What I like about this character, is that she has some very extreme facial expressions. This however, made it very hard to find matching reference. In all reference images I collected, the face looked a little bit different each time. This made it a very big challenge to get the shape of her face right.

After no less than 40 hours of sculpting over a period of 4 months, and starting over from scratch twice, I finally got to a result that I was happy with. That’s when the second challenge started; the fur.

After a total of 80 hours and 137 iterations (!!!), I finally got to the result that I have today. I will admit that it is still not perfect, however I’m severely limited by Blender’s hair particle toolset. Until they update it, this will be the best I can do. Who knows, maybe I’ll revisit this some day in the future. I would love to improve it even more!

This character/design is property of Disney. I am in no way affiliated with Disney. Therefor, this artwork should be considered as fanart.

Alberto Scorfano

Disney’s recent movie ‘Luca’, was a great source of inspiration for me. This bright, colourful movie had a lot of very stylized characters. After watching it more than once, I decided it would be fun to try recreating one of the characters; Alberto Scorfano.

I really like the cartoonish style of this character, and wanted to challenge myself to see how well I could recreate that.

This one definitely took quite a bit of time to make. Especially the hair was rather complex, however in the end I am pretty happy with how it turned out!


This character/design is property of Disney. I am in no way affiliated with Disney. Therefor, this artwork should be considered as fanart.

Bigger projects

How Blender Is Made

“How Blender Is Made” is a short film I worked on for about 2 months.

Making an animation of how the manufacturing process of a Blender logo would look like, has learnt me a lot about robotic animation and use of curves and the graph editor.

The project started with me having no idea how to continue the story. Then, it popped into my head; How Blender Is Made… using Blender.

Apple Watch Promo

After modelling the Apple Watch,
I wanted to test my advertisement abilities. My goal was to make the video look as clean and snappy as possible, while matching the beat of the music.

This video is best displayed on OLED displays due to its black/vibrant color scheme. 

Disclaimer: This animation is not in any way related to Apple Inc. The design of the Apple Watch belongs to Apple Inc.


Short animation of a hamburger, modelled fully in Blender. All materials on this burger are procedurally generated and still look realistic from up close.

The model is free to download on my CGTrader page, and has already been downloaded over 10.000 times. That must have been some hungry people!

Download your free burger here