My journey to the brand new Blender Institute

November 8th, 2018

Last Sunday (Sunday Oct. 28th), I went to the Blender "Open House"! Here I got an amazing guided tour from the one and only Ton Roosendaal.

As I said, I went to the new Blender office, which is (fortunately for me :D) quite close from where I live. A little over 5 months ago, I already went to the new office. At the time, the office wasn't done yet, because they just moved in. Sunday, I went to the office again, and it was completely finished! The 3 days before this so called "Open House", the Blender Conference 2018 took place in De Balie, Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I couldn't go there, but I WAS able to visit the "Open House"! This time, I also took my 360° camera with me! I recorded the entire tour from beginning to the end. A video of this awesome tour is on my channel!

Anyway, Ton told us a lot about the new office, and how it was used before the team behind Blender moved into it. It was basically too much to write down here, so I highly suggest you watch my video of the Blender Tour done by the one and only Ton Roosendaal!

Also, I got to meet Andrew Price, owner of

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